Asuhan Kebidanan Yang Berkelanjutan Pada Ny. S di BPM Eny Wihayati, SST Desa Ngumpakdalem Kecamatan Dander Kabupaten Bojonegoro Tahun2018


  • Nur Azizah
  • Lestari ERP
  • Sugiarti AD


ABSTRACTHigh risk pregnancy is a measure of the opportunity or possibility foran emergency. Problems with anemia in pregnancy  can occur in severe anemia,  namely Hb  less than 6grams, namely fetal  death in the womb, premature labor, in pregnancy less than 37  weeks, prolonged labor and postpartum bleeding.Mrs.  "S"  made 8 times pregnancy  visits during pregnancy. Based on the situation encountered by the problem with anemia in Mrs "S",  when I was not normal,  I experienced a latent phase extending, fl, Ill, and IV were normal,  on March 19,  2018 the mother gave birth normally. During the puerperal period,  the researchers visited I visit (6 hours-B hours after delivery)  for  one  time,  visit II  {day 2-6 days  after  delivery) for   one  time  and  visit III  (6-14 days  after  delivery) for  one  time and  visit IV  (2-6 weeks  after  childbirth) for  one time,   baby Ny  "S" was visited 3 times, namely at the age of 6-8 hours after birth,  2-6 days after birth and6-14 days after birth and no abnormalities were found at each  visit,  at the contraceptivecounseling  that  had  been  done, finally   Mrs.  "S" chose  to  use  a progestine  injection contraceptive.The results of midwifery care given to Mrs. "S"from  the period of pregnancy to the puerperium found  problems   with  anemia  but proceeded  normally.  It  is  expected  that midwifery care provided  in a sustainable manner can improve the degree of maternal and child health services and can reduce the number of Maternal Mortality and Infant Mortality Rate in Sumberagung Village.  Keywords:preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, contraception.